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QSM-WL Play The Market













QSM-WL Black Gold














QSM-WL Roaring 20's












QSM-WL Double Jackpot 7's

























"Slot Machine Wall Lights"


Low Everyday Shipping only $6.95 in the Continental U.S*



         Size is 24" wide x 30" tall x 7" deep.           Looks great in gamerooms.



Play The Market                                          Black & White


$375.00.                                                           $250.00.                                          NO PRIORITY SHIPPING                         NO PRIORITY SHIPPING             AT THIS PRICE                                             AT THIS PRICE                                DON'T CLICK BOX                                       DON'T CLICK BOX                           AT CHECKOUT                                              AT CHECKOUT            


Black Gold                                                      Blazing Double 7's


$250.00.                                                         $250.00.                                           NO PRIORITY SHIPPING                            NO PRIORITY SHIPPING     AT THIS PRICE                                                AT THIS PRICE                             DON'T CLICK BOX                                           DON'T CLICK BOX                   AT CHECKOUT                                                 AT CHECKOUT      


Roaring 20's                                                  Double Calamity Wild


$350.00.                                                            $250.00.                                        NO PRIORITY SHIPPING                         NO PRIORITY SHIPPING            AT THIS PRICE                                             AT THIS PRICE                                DON'T CLICK BOX                                        DON'T CLICK BOX                          AT CHECKOUT                                              AT CHECK OUT


Double Jackpot 7's

                                                      $250.00.                                                                NO PRIORITY SHIPPING AT THIS PRICE DON'T CLICK BOX AT    CHECKOUT         


We have hundreds of pieces of glass from Aliens to Zoo animals and everything in between.  So if you would like us to make a custom wall light, just lets us know and we will be glad to get you what you want.
























QSM-WL Black & White













QSM-WL Blazing Double 7's













QSM-WL Double Calamity Wild