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If you choose to have a custom designer color please let us know exactly what you want at checkout. 

If there is any question about your order we will contact you to make sure you get what you want before we make it.








































































































"Old School Vegas Images"

It's all in the "Hat" 




All shirts come with the standard "Old School Vegas" on the sleeve and the classic "Hat" on the chest. All will be embroidered in contrasting designer colors to the shirt unless otherwise specified. You may choose a different image on the chest from the list below at no additional charge if you like.

Most of our shirts are custom made upon order, so please allow 7 to 10 days for work and shipping. Quality cannot be rushed but shipping can.

All of the hats, bags and towels have "Old School Vegas" embroidered and no image; therefore you can choose any 1 additional image and color of your choice. We like the standard contrasting colors but you can have anything you want at no additional charge, just let us know at checkout.

  How to order custom embroidered    "Old School Vegas" merchandise   

   Pick the Image number (1 thru 17) and image size you want (small medium large)

Find the merchandise you want and click on the picture to see all available colors and sizes.

Enter the color or size of the item, enter the number of the image you want, the size of image in the drop down menus and press add to cart button. You can add special instructions at checkout if needed.

That's it your done. Your merchandise will be made and sent out according to your shipping preference within 10 days.


List of Images

1  Old School Vegas                                       small medium large

2  Old School Vegas (two Color)                       small medium large

3  Hat  (actual size of the medium hat)            small medium large


4  Dice                                                         small medium large

5  Ace Jack                                                   small medium large 

6  O S V                                                        small medium large

7  Slot Machine                                              small medium large

8  21                                                            small medium large

9  777                                                          small medium large

10  Old School Vegas                                     small medium large

11  Old School Vegas Ace/ Jack                        small medium large

12  Old School Vegas Casino's                              medium large

 The "Old School Vegas" Casinos image is not  available on clothing. Unless special ordered  as large 2.5" tall by 3.5" wide.  If ordered too small the quality of the casinos becomes unclear.

13  Old School Vegas Hat                              small medium large

14  Old School Vegas Slot Machine                  small medium large

15  Old School Vegas 21                                small medium large

16 Old School Vegas 777                                small medium large

17 Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas                              medium












Most images are available in small, medium and large sizes.

All images are embroidered in custom contrasting colors unless specified to your favorite color at no additional charge.