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QSM-Bally .25 Hopper:








QSM-Bally 6000 CPU:







QSM-Bally Transformer:








QSM-Ticket Printer:


















Unbelievable shipping price's !!


"Accessories & Parts"

             QSM .900 New Tokens.              

                    Slightly smaller than .25 quarter size                                          Silver color these will fit slant top machines.      


                                                      $22.95 per 100.                                                         

QSM-.900 New Tokens




QSM 1.469 New Tokens.

Gold color dollar size.

$90.95 per 100.

QSM-1.469 New Tokens




OSV 1.469 New Tokens.

Silver color dollar size.

$142.95 per 100.

OSV-1.469 New Tokens




                        OSV .984 Cherry or 777 Used Token.                            Slightly larger than .25 quarter size 

Silver color

$11.95 per 100.

OSV-.984 Cherry or 777 Used Tokens




QSM 1.465 Club Caesar Used Token.

Gold color dollar size.

$37.95 per 100.

QSM-1.465 Club Caesar Used Tokens




Used Parts

Bally .25 hopper                                Bally 6000 mother board             $60.00.                                                    $28.00.                                                         


Bally 6000 CPU board                                     Bally 6000 power supply                              $30.00.                                                                    $25.00.                                                                 


Bally 6000 transformer                             Bally 6000 reel set             $25.00.                                                    $50.00.                                                             


  Ticket printer                                                    Cash box

            $35.00.                                                                 $8.00.                                                              

* Shipping prices for Continental U.S. only. ALL OTHERS MUST CALL FOR SHIPPING RATES.

We have too many parts to list, so just e-mail or call us and we will be glad to check for you to see if we have it.


























































































QSM-Bally 6000 Mother Board:








QSM-Bally Power Supply:








QSM-Bally 6000 Reel Set:








QSM-Cash Box: